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Sylvan Waller, Founder and CEO of Telehealth Innovator, Alii Healthcare

Sylvan Waller of Alii Healthcare with Justin on This Just In Radio

Justin interviews Sylvan Waller, Founder & CEO of Alii Healthcare @aliihealthcare. Alii Healthcare develops and offers what they refer to as Intelligent Care – services that enable consumers to receive high-quality healthcare by connecting with high-quality physicians. Alii’s telehealth platform, Bond Intelligent Care, is a mobile application that creates a face-to-face connection with an ER doctor the moment you need a problem solved by a doctor.

Steve Beshara with Vista Growth

SteveBeshara-InStudioJustin’s guest is Steve Beshara (@stevebeshara) , Founder of Vista Growth (@VistaGrowth).  In this one-hour special on Corporate Growth & Branding Best Practices, hear Steve and Justin discuss marketing and branding for all shapes and sizes of companies and practices.

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